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Susanne's scientific blog now accessible

When days become weeks become months...I was tired of speaking and started doing ("Am Anfang war die Tat!" [In the beginning was the deed!] J.W.v.Goethe, Faust; "just shut up and do", Ani DiFranco, Outta me, onto you).

So this is the start of my scientific blog, which allows me to communicate thoughts about instructional design and e-learning to an interested community. I am planning on allowing commentaries on the site to initiate a greater interaction and help me grow in my understanding of the sciences.


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Vom 10/21/12
Michelle:I have a lot of experience einditg video and photos and I also have a friend who is an expert with photoshop, premier, etc. If you need help I would be more than happy to help you finish this DVD and I know I have plenty of other people to rope in if we need more help. It's actually the same kind of work I am doing for Kevin Ladd right now as I am working on researching and designing our website and looking at softward to edit and analyze video, sound and pictures. So don't get discouraged!!! Let me know what you need and I am there to help!!! Working with video and einditg, specifically making documentaries is secreately a passion of mine so just let me know what you need!!!