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Philosophy of Science III: Alan F. Chalmers

The self-organized learning group about the philosophy of science that I am a member of has now departed from Erhard Oeser and has moved on to Alan F. Chalmers. Oeser did well introducing the basic concepts of science, yet he narrowed the discussion increasingly on the medical sciences. For doctoral studies in education, we found those explanations less helpful. Therefore, my colleague Silke Kleindienst suggested to move on to Alan F. Chalmers. The outline of his book What is This Thing Called Science? (University of Queensland Press) [In German: Wege der Wissenschaft: Einführung in die Wissenschaftstheorie (Springer)] looks promising. I will keep you posted.

By the way, here you can get a taste of how serious Germans are: the translation of Chalmer's book title into German sounds rather serious and nothing like the pleasant and curious English title!