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Egon Bloh criticizes one-dimensional classification schema

Citing Bloh, E. (2005). Grundzüge und Systematik einer Methodik netzbasierter Lehr-Lernprozesse. Online Pädagogik, Bd.2. B. Lehmann and E. Bloh. Baltmannsweiler, Schneider Verlag Hohengehren: 7-85 (in German). [Fundamentals and systematics of a methodology of netbased teaching-learning processes.]

As I mentioned before in the review of the Hokanson & Hooper paper, their one-dimensional approach to a taxonomy for instructional design was lacking substance, since it could not account for the manifold directions that instruction could go into. Bloh (2005, citation above) also criticized other taxonomic approaches to instruction and education, for their lack of the consideration of a "multi-dimensionality of methodic actions". Bloh and I are apparently on one page regarding the multi-dimensionality. I have yet to understand the approach that Bloh himself proposes, though. Two texts are hardly enough to get a good grip on his stands, but the point I currently disagree with (and I have yet to determine how substantial that disagreement is) is the following: Bloh believes that there are instructional methods, which carry a special status because they are used in online teaching and learning. Most of the time it is even exactly the same method as is used in face-to-face instruction; the only difference is the medium of delivery. Bloh thinks, the change of medium justifies a new method. That's where I disagree: the goal of the method remains the same. The netbased method should not receive a special status just because it is delivered via the Internet and not in face-to-face. Any comments on this?