09/19/06  (susheyer)  [0 Comments]

Norm Friesen compares "Didaktik" and instructional design

I had an inspiring e-mail discussion with Norm Friesen, the Director of CanCore. He authored an essay, which is linked from his blog, comparing the terms and philosophies behind the Northern-European term "Didaktik" (didactics) and the Anglo-American term "instructional design". In the current draft version, Norm critically discusses the two views of education. As a compromise between the two views and in the light of the development of learning objects, Norm favors Microlearning or something that may be called Microdidactics, since it might hold the greatest potential for "finding a kind of Aristotelian golden mean between context, granularity and abstracted decontextualization" (p.11).

I found Norm's thoughts and ideas very curious, since I studied the instructional design system at Penn State, but have now learned a lot about the German views of didactics, pedagogy and education. I hope for more discussions on this topic. Smile