10/13/06  (susheyer)  [0 Comments]

Diving into IMS Learning Design

Today is Friday, the 13th, so obligatorily, I must post a blog entry today Tongue out. I have now moved to Vienna into a nice, little apartment in the 19th district and I treated myself to a high-speed Internet connection (first time ever!). Hopefully, that will increase my posting rate but, as Goethe said in his Faust, "in the beginning was the deed" not the word Wink, so I will see.

For my new job, I am getting quite involved with the IMS Learning Design Standard, and thus far I am a little taken aback by its complexity. I have yet to understand the purposes of the standard (what were the thoughts behind creating this and this element in that way?) and struggle with the little things (why do I have to provide three names for what I consider to be the same thing?). Yet, I am very curious to see, if it keeps up with its promise of being able to describe any pedagogical design you can possibly think of. Unfortunately, as the computer scientists whom we are working with told me, the current tools (specifically the Reload Editor in our case) do not completely measure up to the standard. Therefore, we can't make use of the entirety of the standard quite yet. But we are working on it...