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Where are those learning object examples?

Today I was looking for (good) examples of learning objects for inclusion and discussion thereof in a paper. I thought I'd go to google and search in the Pictures (Bilder) section for "learning object". The results shown to me were quite curious: within the first three results pages, the majority of pictures shown regarded the concept of learning objects (the theoretical constructs) rather than examples. Now, to some this might not be as astounding since not everyone puts the key word "learning object" into the title or description of their picture/file that may portray a learning object etc. However, I think since Wayne Hodgins introduced the concept of learning objects in the mid-1990s, by now the examples of learning objects should outweigh the concepts of learning objects by far!!! But they don't. Perhaps learning objects remain a mystery...

See also the heated discussion on Helge's blog about learning objects (in German).


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