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CETIS Learning Design event in Manchester shows IMS LD progress

 ManchesterI was given the opportunity to participate in a CETIS Learning Design event held in Manchester on May 20, 2008. Different representatives of IMS LD related projects gave presentations on the status quo of LD tool developments and pedagogical views on IMS LD; for a list of presenters, their topics and slides look on the CETIS website. Critical voices on IMS LD mostly came from audience members. One of the presenters saw the biggest weakness of the IMS LD specification in the definition of services, which is far too general and allows only for a small number of services (namely, chat, forum, send-mail, announcement, and monitor services). It seemed to me that the delegates are looking for a specification for modelling pedagogical practice, and IMS LD is considered to be the only thing that's out there in this regard; that's why efforts continue in regard to IMS LD tool and representation developments even though the gap between pedagogical needs (easy-to-create and easy-to-understand representations of a learning design) and technical requirements (extensive knowledge needed for IMS LD modelling) has yet to be bridged. Looking from the pedagogical side, LAMS seems to be setting the standard, as it supports the learning designer (pedagogical) perspective by providing pre-defined building blocks for instructional practice.