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Paper accepted at ALT-C conference

A paper that I have written together with Petra Oberhuemer "Bridging the divide in language and approach between pedagogy and programming: the case of IMS Learning Design" was accepted at the Association for Learning Technology Conference (ALT-C). In this paper, we describe some analyses regarding the IMS Learning Design specification. The analyses had the goal to bring level B concepts of the specification closer to the view of teaching practitioners. The results of the analyses have been worked into the modelling software Graphical Learning Modeller, namely to create easy access interfaces for learning designers that enable them to employ level B functionalities in their learning designs.

The anonymous reviewer(s) of our paper encouraged us (among other comments) to make the critical points regarding IMS Learning Design more explicit. We did that, and now an amended version of the paper received full acceptance as a research paper. Smile


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Vom 01/17/13
What is exciting is the lenrniag journey itself! We have gathered a group of enthusiastic teachers and their students to join in a collaborative journey together. We have gained momentum through each other's enthusiasm to embrace the challenge, How to learn and teach using a new technology the iPad 2 .I think that we will discover a way to create authentic lenrniag experiences using an electronic pencil. It is the new tool of the classroom and we are discovering together the educational applications as well as the artistic creativity of this tool. It's capabilities are endless and we will engage students because it is something children like to play with. We may not want to call it a toy but we are playing with technology. Not just entertaining ourselves but mindful development of lenrniag outside the box.It creates excitement in all of us because it is lenrniag to use a modern machine which an adult has developed and children learn to use it by playing with it. Adults like to play too!We are throwing our group into the cyber sandbox. We won't have much time for entertainment! This is entertainment we will be busy lenrniag to find apps, creating ePubs, accessing information, posting, tweeting, blogging and more! Enjoy the journey and drive away with us!