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Past Reads

Dostoyevsky describes "The Idiot", a person of complete honesty and belief in the good of people. He lets the protagonist interact with others to show what problems it may cause if others constantly insinuate pretense and seem to project own inconsistencies in character onto others. It is a drama, so the end is likewise dramatic ;-) . 


Hermann Hesse's Narciss and Goldmund is a typical piece of Hesse literature -- beautiful language showcasing appreciation of life. Hesse portrays the lives of two men, Narciss and Goldmund, who are quite different in their approach to life: one dedicated to theoretical studies, one dedicated to experiencing life to the fullest. There is no judgment on Hesse's part, which of these two lifestyles is more appropriate. He gives both credit and displays them as needing one another.




Book cover of Philip Zimbardo: The Lucifer Effect 




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