About this blog

I started this blog to reflect some ideas about instructional design and e-learning while working in research projects and writing my dissertation. I noticed that the information I post here becomes more meaningful to me and it so aids my learning process. I do not intend to just blog in the "traditional" sense (refering to interesting and related matters on the Internet), but also to cite books and articles. This also gives me the chance to cite and reflect on "older" materials (pre-1996 Wink). Last but not least, this blog may give some English-speaking fellows the chance to get a glimpse of the German literature, since I do my best to translate ideas in German publications into English.


About Susanne Neumann

Susanne Neumann (formerly: Heyer) is a graduate of The Pennsylvania State University with a Master of Education degree in Instructional Systems and a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance. She has worked at the University of Leipzig, Chair of Geotechnics and Hydraulic Engineering (2003-2005), and at the FernUniversität in Hagen, Project CampusContent (2005-2006). Since October 2006, Susanne is working at the University of Vienna's Center for Teaching and Learning. Simultaneously, she is working on her dissertation on classifying instructional methods. The dissertation is supervised by Rob Koper.