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Literature Review on classifications for learning and teaching completed

I have put together a chart showing all the classification systems, taxonomies etc. that I have looked at for my literature review. These range from the years 1825 to 2007. The chart shows references, short summaries, and the analytical data I collected. I originally categorized the classifcation system according to ten factors (found in the last columns of the chart). A factor analysis then turned out three orthogonal factors. In the forthcoming publication on this literature review, I will include some interpretative statements. 

Classifications on Learning and Teaching (v0.1.2), last update August 26, 2008

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Dissertation Resources

I will publish some of the resources here that I create for my dissertation but that do not fit into a some thousand word journal paper. The next resource upload will be in August 2008, namely a table showing the classification systems for teaching and learning that I reviewed for a literature review article on the topic. The table will show the literature references, short description and background of the classification as well as statistical data.